Welcome, and thank you for visiting my web site.  It is an honor and privilege to serve the City of Danbury and I hope that you find this site informative and helpful in addressing concerns you may have.  This site is a place where you can see what I do as a member of the Danbury Common Council, obtain information on a variety of issues, and express your thoughts and views directly to me.  This is all done at no cost to you the taxpayer.

As a city I think were challenged by four major issues:

The first is how we deal with over development and traffic congestion on our city streets.

The second is how we address over crowding in our schools and keep them a safe place for our children to learn.

The third is how we preserve the integrity of our neighborhoods by addressing neighborhood nuisances and keeping our tax rate stable. 

And, the fourth is continuing to provide tax relief to our veterans, disabled and senior residents so they are not forced from their homes because of high property taxes.

I have and will continue to work on these and the many other individual issues that affect Danbury at its residents. 

Very Truly,

Tom Saadi

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